About Me


Hi Friends!

Hi! I'm Danielle, the baker behind sprinkle and whisk. I was born in Vancouver but didn’t stay for long, my family packed up and moved to Mexico, it was there that I learnt most of what I know. Growing up in a country where food & music was the heart of the culture, really molded me into the person I am today. Eventually we moved back to Vancouver for better education opportunities  in which I pursued interior design. Interior design was my creative outlet and I loved it and still love doing it but it wasn’t until I started baking for friends and family that I realized the passion I had for baking and how happy it made me to see the smiles on people’s face as we all sat around and enjoyed a beautiful treat. Ten years, two cities and two kids later here we are, in the beautiful Okanagan pursuing my dream that the most special person in my life really pushed me to follow. After many texts, emails and calls later I finally caved in to my dad and said I would take the leap and pursue it as a career! This is where I’m meant to be and I’m so happy that I am given the opportunity to turn your vision into reality with you!